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1 Projected cash-on-cash distributions are based on the tenant remaining current on rental payments. Income is not guaranteed.

2 Sponsor may reduce the minimum investment at its sole discretion.

3 Securities deemed suitable for use as 1031 replacement properties will receive a tax opinion from tax counsel. The types of opinions include “more likely than not”, “should”, or “will”. Counsel will provide an opinion to the entity and such opinions cannot be relied upon by individual investors. Opinions are based on counsel’s review of the underlying property(ies), structure and its compliance with known case law, revenue rulings, revenue procedures et al. Tax laws are subject to change and may not be retroactive, or grandfather in any investment made herein. Prospective investors should consult with their own tax counsel for more assurances and/or reliance.

Unless otherwise noted the photos shown are for illustrative purposes and may or may not represent past and/or current properties listed.