1031RPS Launches

Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 is one of the last great tax advantages that allows an investor to maximize dollars invested while creating an avenue for estate planning through the continued deferral of gains (or losses) in the real estate investing process. But with the good we have to accept the bad, and in the case of Section 1031 time is the greatest mitigating factor in completing a successful 1031 tax-deferred exchange.  1031 Replacement Property Solutions (1031 RPS) was created as a virtual branch office of SANDLAPPER Securities to provide real estate investors either in an active identification and exchange period, or those contemplating an exchange, to evaluate possible replacement properties available within the window of time needed.  The principals of 1031 RPS have been active participants in the securitized fractional investment real estate and 1031 exchange arena for more than a decade, principally as a sponsor and/or syndication manager/placement agent (or both) of replacement property offerings in excess of $1 billion of asset value and over 10 million square feet of commercial space*.

As both a sponsor and placement agent of securitized real estate offerings, the principals of 1031 RPS have refined their due diligence process substantially over the years and employ both a quantitative and qualitative approach to due diligence.  While we can never guarantee results, the processes employed are designed to deal with just those products and sponsors the principals believe have underwritten properties with reasonable expectations and have the experience and sustainability to properly manage the assets and protect the investments made.


*Some of the offerings presented on 1031RPS.com may be sponsored and/or syndicated by affiliates of 1031 RPS creating inherent conflicts of interest.  Where such conflicts exist, the risks of such will be detailed and discussed in the individual private placement memorandums.  Offerings where a conflict exists will be clearly identified on 1031RPS.com.